So you like us! Here’s how we package an iBlock.

future master carpenter

These iBlock samples will walk you through the different components that make up an iBlock, and give you the big picture on how an iBlock is created, and why it works.

Download the sample Class Pet iBlock

Class Pet iBlocks Sample

In the Class Pet iBlock, students will research pets and use that information to design and code their own robotic class pet!

Rube Goldberg Sample

In our Rube Goldberg Machine iBlock, students explore chain reactions and simple machines as they engineer their own Rube Goldberg Machine.

Design a Comic Book Sample

In our Design a Comic Book iBlock, students investigate the history of comics and various comic texts before creating their very own.

Prosthetics iBlocks Sample

In the Prosthetics iBlock, students take a deep dive into design and engineering as they develop and test a prosthetic device.