Unforgettable career-based exploration

An iBlock is a 10-part sequence of student-led, teacher-guided lessons and activities that center on technology and culminate in a capstone project.

With iBlocks, students get to practice future-ready skills in an organic way, as they explore the topic of their iBlock project. Designing a snorkel and then 3D printing it to see how it works? Engineering a prosthetic flipper and then testing its functionality? Imagining a deep-sea dive to collect data on marine life? From the ocean floor all the way to outer space — there’s no end to the possibilities of experiential learning!

This is the iBlocks mission, should you choose to accept it:

Students will lead the way, while the teacher will offer guidance and coaching. There will be trial and error, testing and re-testing, and maybe even some dead ends. But those dead ends will spark new ideas, and those new ideas will mean innovation, creativity, and lessons learned. The student result is always success.

A holistic, cross-curricular approach

iBlocks are designed to be flexible and adapt to the learning that’s taking place. Because they’re cross-curricular and skills-based, they also offer numerous benefits for schools:

• Project- and problem-based learning
• Practical applications of 21st century skills
• Practicing the Engineering Design Process
• Career/industry exploration
• Social and emotional learning (SEL)
• Advanced literacies
• Standards alignment
• Customizable learning content
• Option to incorporate STEM products of your choice
• Anytime, anywhere learning

Get started with your career-based exploration!

Your iBlock includes everything you need to implement it effectively in the classroom, from a framework that aligns to national standards, to student workbooks, a teacher’s guide to help you facilitate, and even self-assessments to help students keep their learning on track.

Want to see what it’s all about?

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