Fashion for Function: Smart Wearables


Wearable technology has changed quite drastically since the first items hit stores. Some of the most drastic changes and innovations in “smart” wearables have been focused on making them aesthetically pleasing while also serving a purpose, whether that’s fashion, health, or entertainment. In this iBlock, students will design a unique piece of wearable technology that fulfills a function. Who knows — maybe one day it will climb to the top of gift idea lists!

Focus of the iBlock:

An iBlock provides a cross-curricular, holistic learning approach by structuring your learning content with a primary and secondary subject focus (see this in action below). But because iBlocks are also customizable and expandable, these foci can change to suit your school’s needs, should you choose to tailor your iBlock.

Grade Band: Elementary

An iBlock matches skills to standards (like Common Core or NGSS).

Here is a sample CONTENT standard for this iBlock:

Determine the key ideas or conclusions of a source; trace the source’s explanation or depiction of a complex process, phenomenon, or concept; provide an accurate summary of the source. (NYS Next Generation ELA Standards, 9-10RST2)